You have worked tirelessly turning your dream into a successful business.

Unlike you, many others took the easy route: working 40 hours a week in exchange for vacations, benefits, and a corporate ladder to climb – at a company established by someone else’s efforts.

You took the hard route: risking your life savings, working 16 hour days – including weekends and holidays – to build a business you could call your own. Failure was never an option. When times were tough, you rolled up your sleeves and did whatever it took to get the job done. While others nervously watch their 401(k) and count down the days until retirement, you courageously continue to risk a significant portion of your personal net worth in the business you worked so hard to build – in the hopes that one day you can cash in big on your life’s work.

But every business peaks in maximum value. Owners who acknowledge this fact and are prepared to sell when market conditions are at their ripest are the ones who walk away with the most. With so much at risk, it’s not merely about selling when the time feels right, it’s about exiting at peak value.

Even when the peak value of a business is high, extracting its owner and their wealth from that business by selling it is a complex process – it requires careful preparation, expert advice, and the ability to recognize once-in-a-lifetime value opportunities when they’re presented – and take action.

Shotgun Capital Advisors helps you do just that. Shotgun Capital Advisors is a merger and acquisition advisory firm that specializes in guiding accomplished business owners like you through such complex financial transactions as the sale of a company, a merger, or an acquisition. Our clients depend on us to maximize the value of their transaction, minimize the risks, and get the deal done.

And what about life after business ownership? Well that is entirely up to you. Our former clients will tell you that the quality of their life after selling their business rises in proportion to their new found wealth and freedom. Some have decided to become serial entrepreneurs, starting a brand new business all over again. Some have turned their attention to whittling down the items on their bucket lists. Others have decided to invest their energy in supporting their favorite charitable causes.

Selling your business is not the end. It is the beginning of a new life, one which brings with it the freedom to do what you want, whenever you want. Dream…Big.


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