Shotgun Capital provides a full array of advisory services to business owners interested in maximizing the market value of their business. These services include:

Business Valuations

Our business valuation services take into consideration financial performance, current industry transaction conditions, and the impact of continued investment in the growth of your business. Our business valuation services are a valuable tool which can help you make informed decisions about future capital expenditures, real estate, earnings improvement, acquisitions, and exit planning.

Marketability Assessment

Our marketability assessment services are a valuable tool to determine if current market conditions will support your financial objectives. Being prepared well in advance to take advantage of strong buyer demand is imperative to maximizing the value of your deal. In the event current market conditions will not meet your financial goals, we take pride in advising you of this gap prior to proceeding with the sale process.

Pre-Sale Planning

Pre-sale planning includes a detailed review of the financial performance of the business, analyzing financials to determine Pro Forma EBITDA, and identifying any potential issues to address prior to taking a company to market. This aspect of Shotgun’s services can dramatically improve the acquisition value of your business and increase your chances of getting a deal done. We guide you through this process every step of the way.

Potential Buyer Analysis

Shotgun performs an exhaustive search of industry players and private equity firms to compile a list of buyer candidates for your business. All buyer candidates must demonstrate serious interest and the financial horsepower to complete a deal.

Executing Sale Process

Shotgun prepares a Confidential Offering Memorandum which contains summary information about your company, its history, and growth prospects. Potential buyers are then invited to review the offering in an auction format, following the execution of a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Each buyer candidate who is interested in acquiring your business is required to submit their offer via a Letter of Intent, which outlines their proposed deal terms. We review the merits and risks of each submitted offer with you, narrowing the field down to a short list of final candidates.

Throughout this process, you’ll be fully insulated from direct contact with the candidates, allowing you to remain focused on day-to-day operations while we deal with the buyers on your behalf. We finalize negotiations on your behalf from a position of strength to get you maximum value in a tax efficient manner from the right buyer for your company.

Due Diligence Support

Shotgun will manage the due diligence process on your behalf, so that the buyer’s review requirements are met with efficiency and accuracy. We typically coordinate an off-site data room so that buyer due diligence is conducted away from your office, allowing you and your staff to continue to operate the business without disruption throughout the due diligence review.

Closing Support

Shotgun will assist you and your attorneys with document review and final negotiations surrounding the legal requirements of the closing.